Hi! I’m Patti Shih.

I’m currently an independent data scientist and a technical consultant in the transportation industry. In my former life in academia, I studied computational cognitive neuroscience.

Four Pillars of Patti

A scrappy data scientist with a diverse and versatile skill set

Data Analytics
/ Machine Learning

9+ years of experience in applied statistics and machine learning, but my specialties are in time series and user-behavior data.


I currently use Python, SQL, bash, and sometimes JavaScript.


Whether through words or pictures, I’ve spent years crafting my skills in communicating to diverse audiences. Check out my writings in my Blog!

Doing Good

While I intrinsically enjoy solving problems, I am driven most when my work has positive impact.

Proud alumna of…

University of California
San Diego

BSc in Bioinformatics and Psychology

San Diego State University

MA in Psychology

Brown University

MSc in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

Data Science Portfolio

Under construction—please stay tuned for updates as I put the finishing touches on the work that I’d like to share!

Anything here pique your interest?

I’d love to hear from you!

For fun!

#CraftyDataViz Winner! 🎉

A visualization of normal brain connectivity
And the hyperconnected brain on Psilocybin (magic mushroomS 🍄)